Let’s talk about identity. Who are we?

When I post on twitter, or Facebook, or Instagram – a snapshot in time is all you see. A reflection of the current mood, or expression opinion about current affairs and so on. Is that necessarily who I am? The summation of all my social media posts converged into one identity, or are those separate from who I truly am, and are just the reflection of fleeting opinions and views held at one minute moment in time and never again thereafter?

For starters, let’s talk about the fact that in my profile pictures typically, I am smiling. This in itself is not a reflection of my personality at all times as one might expect. But does that mean I’m not happy, or I’m just pretending? The identity we portray online does not inherently mean we are all lying or attempting to appear as something other than what we truly are, but in the same breath – does our online personality or identity always reflect the complete truth about our actual identity. This piktochart shows some of the different ways in which I relate to online communities, or more specifically what sort of identity I am portraying through various platforms.


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